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Oct 25, 2020

In a special edition of our intermittent "Late Night on the 5th Wall" Mike and Jarod sit down to discuss a truly great schlock film that went under *literally everyone's* radar: Microwave Massacre!

Fun fact, this episode originally featured our dear friend Cody Nesbitt, but unfortunately due to technical difficulties,...

Oct 18, 2020

The amount of times we've lavished (well-deserved) praise on Rutger Hauer is, well, frankly unacceptable. This movie isn't his first rodeo in Hollywood but man does he bring the big guns (...or, knives, or explosives)!

Starring opposite is C Thomas Howell, fresh off success from The Outsiders and Red Dawn, and likely...

Oct 10, 2020

Most horror comedies switch modes noticeably - one second you're tense and expecting something scary, the next you're laughing at Marlon Wayans and clown rape.

Creepshow is one of our favorite genre splitting movies - the stories are based on simple scares that cut deep: zombies, aliens, drowning, monsters, and bugs....